About The Encompass Institute

The Encompass Institute is managed by the Consulting Division of Encompass Global Corp. and used as a central hub for the delivery and management of online training, resources and tools for the clients of our associate consultants, trainers, coaches, speakers and facilitators.

Encompass Global Corp. is a dynamic B2B company which operates globally from its headquarters in Barbados. The various divisions of our company offer a range of business and operations services and solutions to leading organisations, independent professionals and their brands.

We provide consulting and training solutions in areas such as corporate leadership, productivity, team-building, customer service, communication, entrepreneurship and business process engineering.

Our business solutions include E-Commerce and E-Learning Management, Operations Management, Marketing Strategy and Execution, Legal Consultation, Business Administration, Media Production and General Distribution.

We genuinely believe in the 'Infinite Possibilities' that exist for any professional or enterprise and we've built Encompass Global to help the best of the possibilities become real.

Corporate Mailing Address:
Encompass Global Corp.
P.O. Box 5026
Warrens Tower II
St. Michael
Barbados BB22026

For immediate assistance, please visit our Online Support Platform and submit a new support ticket.